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The best way to learn how to drive is to have regular driving lessons from a qualified driving instructor and have as much practice as possible before your test. Once you have been shown the basics by your instructor, you can then combine the professional instruction with practice from your family and friends.
Getting professional driving ​​ instruction will help you pass your driving test.  Your instructor will provide you with a structured approach to your training and cover all the necessary practical subjects to help develop the skills needed to become a good driver. Learning to drive with a qualified instructor will provide you with an appropriate learning environment and will give you the opportunity to ask questions on the go and gain valuable advice as situations arise.

Top 10 reasons for failing

  1. Poor or ineffective observations at junctions.
  2. Lack ​of accuracy or poor observations when performing parallel parking.
  3. Not checking or acting on what is seen in your mirrors.
  4. Ineffective observations or lack of accuracy when reversing.
  5. Giving incorrect or misleading signals​.
  6. Ineffective observations when moving off.​
  7. Incorrect positioning on bends or roundabouts.
  8. Lack of steering ​​control.
  9. Incorrect positioning when turning right or in a one way street.
  10. Inappropriate speed or being hesitant​.

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